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Supplementary documents

Aspen is in a closed period from 1 January 2017 until the release of its interim financial results scheduled for 9 March 2017. In accordance with market best practice, during this time the Company does not engage with analysts, shareholders and the general investment community regarding the Group’s performance or prospects.

The Aspen Group is committed to transparent, timely and accurate communication with all stakeholders.

Please contact Zihle Mgcokoca, Aspen’s Investor Relations Manager, should you have any queries.

FY 2016

Supplementary Documents 2016

Aspen Sustainability Data Supplement 2016


Aspen Unabridged Corporate Governance Report 2016

PDF 546.0KB

Aspen Audit & Risk Committee Report 2016

PDF 503.5KB


Aspen Social & Ethics Committee Report 2016

PDF 501.8KB

Aspen Communication On Progress Report 2016

PDF 516.5KB

Aspen Stakeholder Engagement Report 2016

PDF 491.7KB

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