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The Board is accountable to shareholders and other stakeholders and is ultimately responsible for the implementation of sound corporate governance practices throughout the Group. Aspen’s Board of Directors is committed to ensuring that the Group adheres to high standards of corporate governance in the conduct of its business.

In an environment of increasing regulatory pressure, the Board is ever mindful of the need to maintain an appropriate balance between the governance expectations of investors, regulators, government and other stakeholders, and the market demands that the Group delivers competitive financial returns to its shareholders.

Governance in the Group extends beyond mere legislative and regulatory compliance and management strives to entrench an enterprise-wide culture of good governance aimed at ensuring that decisions are taken in a transparent manner, within an ethical framework that promotes the responsible consideration of all stakeholders, while also holding decision makers appropriately accountable. In line with the philosophy that good corporate governance is an evolving discipline, governance structures, practices and processes are actively monitored and revised from time to time to reflect best practice.

Please refer to the following Corporate Governance Documents:

FY 2016

2016 Corporate Governance Documents:

Unabridged Corporate Governance Report 2016

PDF 546.0KB

Notice of AGM & Form of Proxy 2016
PDF 498.1KB

Audit & Risk Committee Report 2016
PDF 503.5KB

Social & Ethics Committee Report 2016

PDF 501.8KB

Communication On Progress Report 2016
PDF 516.5KB

FY 2015
FY 2014
FY 2013
FY 2012
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