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Aspen Nutritionals

Aspen Nutritionals is a specialist facility that manufactures a vast range of value-added nutritional products, and is proud to live the ethos of the Aspen slogan ‘Healthcare. We Care’ to meet the needs of our consumers through our range of quality products.

Aspen Nutritionals’ world-class South African manufacturing facility is based at Clayville, Gauteng, producing powders in cans and boxes and ready to feed liquid formulations for infants through to toddlers.

The South African operation also represents the hub from which Aspen Nutritionals has expanded its global reach to Latin America and Australia, in addition to its well established presence in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Aspen Nutritionals product portfolio:

The portfolio of Aspen Nutritionals products comprises a range of quality brands formulated to meet the needs of our consumers. Our brand family is made up of these well known brands:

  • S-26;
  • S-26 Gold;
  • Infacare;
  • Infacare Gold;
  • Promise PE Gold;
  • Infasoy;
  • Nutrikids; and
  • Melegi.

Aspen Nutritionals also supplies a range of Infacare Juices and Blended Teas in 12 flavour variants. These products are packed at a separate facility in the Western Cape.

Aspen Nutritionals is committed to ensuring that its range of quality nutritional products complies with the most stringent international safety and quality standards. Consequently, up to sixty individual physical, sensorial, chemical and microbiological tests are performed on every single batch number of infant nutritional products.

Aspen Nutritionals is proudly certified to the following standards:

  • ISO 22000 and ISO 9001: a Food Safety Certification and Management System – Aspen Nutritionals ISO 22000 Certificate
  • ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001: an Environmental and Safety standards;
  • South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) accreditation of our laboratories is anticipated in the near future, which will provide us with international laboratory testing credibility;
  • Our manufacturing facility is also Halaal certified;

A complete stability programme further ensures continued suitability, safety and efficacy of all infant nutritional products up to the shelf life of each product.

Infacare, Nutrikids, Melegi, Nutrikids A+, NutrikidsA+3+, Nutrikids A+1+ are all registered or pending trademarks of Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited and used under licence. Infasoy, S-26, S-26 Gold, SMA and Promise are registered trademarks of Nestle® and used under license.

Wyeth® is a registered trademark of Pfizer® and used under license.

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