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Aspen Europe

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During 2014, Aspen extended its presence in Europe to become one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the region.

Aspen originally established a presence in Europe in 2009 as part of a R4,6 billion transaction with GSK which included, inter alia, a manufacturing site in Bad Oldesloe in Germany. Following the acquisition of the active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing sites in the Netherlands and the United States on 1 October 2013, the Group now has 26 manufacturing facilities at 18 pharmaceutical manufacturing sites on six continents and approximately 10 000 employees.
Aspen Europe CIS covers a vast territory that stretches from Ireland and the United Kingdom in the west of Europe, to cities in Siberia in the far east of Russia.The Group has four manufacturing sites in Europe, which are located in Germany, France and the Netherlands. The headquarters of Aspen's European commercial business is located in Munich-Bogenhausen and Aspen has more than 2,700 employees across the region.
Aspen is committed to providing high quality medicines at prices that are competitive and represent fair value to our customers and patients. One of our key focus areas for Europe is the thrombosis therapeutic category, particularly revitalising important anti-thrombotic medicines that meet society’s healthcare needs. The prevention and management of venous thromboembolism is currently a major unmet need in Europe.
With a portfolio of valued anti-thrombotic medicines and focused expertise in the thrombotic therapeutic category, Aspen Europe is set to become a leader in this field.
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